About Project


"migrating books" is always moving. 
"migrating books" participates in economic activities.
"migrating books" changes their affiliation. 
"migrating books" touches another's personal memory. 
"migrating books" wishes to survive.
It is me.

1. 港 / The Port    →  Boat is here
The "Boat Shaped Bookshelf" will moor at the bookstore in town for several weeks and wait for migrants / books.

2. 配布 / The Distribution   →   For the first writer
Written in the "migrating books" are two questions about position and belonging, and there are blank pages in which to write an answer.  The “migrating books" are left around the town and distributed to migrants and returnees to the project city. People who come across the books are invited to add their own answers to the two questions.

3. 販売と乗船 / Sale and the Embarkation     →  Book for Sale
Once someone has written his/ her answers in the book, they can bring it to the Boat Shaped Bookshelf which is moored at the bookshop. Once placed on the boat, it may be sold and participate in the city's economic activity.

4. 購入と所属 / The purchase and Belonging     → For the new buyer
Any person who buys a "migrating book" can add their own answers in the remaining blank pages. If that person decides to then sell the book, it can be placed back on the Boat Shaped Bookshelf and sold on to a new owner.
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